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Current Open Positions:


While we may not have a specific opening at this time, Omega is always interested in speaking to people who have a strong background in optics, optical thin film engineering and technical repair abilities. Please contact Jennifer LoCascio, Director of Human Resources, at


Job Descriptions

Quality Assurance Technician - Temporary

Responsible for working in the Quality Assurance Department to inspect incoming material, conduct internal quality programs, inspect finished product, and audit customer orders for shipment. Accept additional responsibilities as training progresses.


  • Acquire an understanding of how to clean and handle thin film coated filters.
  • Inspect thin film coated filters for required dimensions, surface quality, coating adhesion, edge chips.
  • Perform quality inspections with calipers, micrometers, measuring standards, toolmaker’s microscope, and profile projector.
  • Understand and apply United States military inspection standards in performing quality inspections of Omega products.
  • Understand and review Manufacturing Control Sheets for manufacturing requirements.
  • Perform inspections of incoming vendor-supplied raw glass and anodized rings, masks, and tubes.
  • Perform inspections of glass that has been ground and polished in Omega’s Optics Department.
  • Conduct final audits of completed filters for shipment to customers. Audit documents include route tags, transmission curves, optical density curves, certificates of compliance, interferograms, environmental test data, First Article documents.
  • Perform other duties as required.


Candidate must possess strong mathematical skills as well as excellent attention to detail.
This is a full time hourly position and is TEMPORARY.


If you believe your education and experience are in line with the position description and qualifications referred to above, please email resume and cover letter to:


Posted: March 28, 2014


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Equipment Service Engineer

The responsibility of this position is to assure the Company has the most operational manufacturing equipment, to realize the Company vision of solving customers' application needs. The candidate is expected to compliment, repair and analyze Omega Optical Manufacturing systems. The applicant will master the science and art of optical thin-films as practiced at Omega Optical. It is anticipated that the person in this position possesses knowledge of Physical Vapor Deposition, plasma assisted reactive magnetron sputtering coating technology equipment, sputtering machines, spectroscopic instrumentation, as well as many support systems. This position will troubleshoot and repair all high-tech machines.


Initial Expectations:

  • Apply previous technical troubleshooting and repair knowledge and experiences to our niche of optical thin films and associated machinery.
  • Collect and analyze technical data as needed.
  • Analyze and repair all instrumentation and machinery in accordance with Omega Optical requirements and standards.
  • Report all quality control, technical problems, troubleshooting and repair details to Manager.
  • Provide support and guidance to machine operators when necessary.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Interface with Omega machine operators and engineers in the coordination, planning, implementation, and challenge resolution of malfunctioning Omega technical equipment and machines.
  • Perform acceptance testing to demonstrate operational performance consistent with machine specifications.
  • Demonstrate system functionality when repair is complete.
  • Perform preventative maintenance on machines in coordination with Facilites Director.
  • Perform update of existing machines to resolve systemic product issues and ensure optimal system functionality.
  • Perform upgrades of existing machines to enhance system capabilities and provide additional features.
  • Occasionally interface with product providers to facilitate a seamless, single solution to machine malfunctions.
  • Document issues and resolution procedures.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


If you believe your education and experience are in line with the position description and qualifications referred to above, please email resume and cover letter to:


Updated: September 2013


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Facilities Engineer/Renewable Energy Expert

Employee will be responsible for optimizing the energy flows and systems of the Delta Campus and its related facilities/entities. The vision is to explore enhancing efficiencies of using fuels and other power sources, as well as to find multiple and shared uses of energy sources, including the integration of distributed systems used for both residential and commercial applications. Employee will design and manage renewable energy projects as well as propose multiple options for optimization of complex systems such as HRV's and ERV's, chillers, ice storage units, chilled water and hot water piping systems, industrial control systems, energy modeling/monitoring and diesel electric generation plant.


Knowledge of local codes for residences and commercial facilities a plus. Systems you may be working on, designing for, installing, and commissioning:

  • HRV's and ERV's
  • Chillers
  • Ice storage
  • Chilled water and hot water piping systems
  • PV and Wind systems
  • Geothermal systems
  • VFD controls and logic systems
  • Industrial control systems and energy modeling/monitoring
  • Diesel electric generation plant
  • Absorption Cycle systems


In addition to the above the employee will assist with organizing and managing a team of local contractors to seamlessly design, install, and commission renewable and efficient energy systems in commercial facilities and residences. Knowledge of energy modeling for commercial and residential buildings a plus. NABCEP certification a plus. CEM, HERS, BPI, LEED, or equivalent certification a plus.


If you believe your education and experience are in line with the position description and qualifications referred to above, please email resume and cover letter to:


Updated: September 2013


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Who are we?

Omega Optical is an equal opportunity employer. Founded in 1969 by Robert Johnson D. Sc., President and Technical Director, Omega Optical is a leader in photonics, exploring new areas with fresh ideas, an eager team, and the latest technology to produce the best in optical Interference filters. Our products encompass many markets and applications including -- Medical Diagnostics: Point-of-Care Instrumentation, Hematology, Macular Degeneration, Real-Time Patient Monitoring, Industrial: Environmental Monitoring, Machine Vision Systems, Spectroscopy, Lasers, Color Correction, Source Leveling and more. Defense, Aerospace and Astronomy: Infra-Red Vision Systems, targeting systems, LIDAR, Conflict/Weapon Simulators, Outer Space Based Instrumentation, Ground-Based Telescope Systems, and more.


We design and produce the most diverse offering of interference filters in the industry and with over 40 years of experience partnering with researchers and instrument designers to meet their requirements. Along with our experience, we bring a corporate commitment to cooperatively explore, understand and ultimately refine solutions. This support originates with our team of Scientists, Engineers, and Industry experts from various scientific fields.


All associates and applicants shall be treated equally according to their individual qualifications, abilities, experiences and other employment standards. There will be no discrimination due to gender or gender identity, race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran/military status or any other basis protected by applicable law. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Omega Optical will not discriminate against employees or applicants in their employment or hiring practices because of a disability. We will make reasonable accommodations when necessary and when requested to do so, unless the accommodation(s) would impose an undue hardship.


What do we offer?

  • Child Care Subsidy
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Reimbursement
  • 401(k) Savings/Profit-Sharing Plan
  • Educational Assistance
  • Creative Work Environment