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Omega Products Enable Record-breaking Photovoltaic Research

Concentrating photovoltaic power plants (CVPPs) use mirrors to concentrate solar power onto a single high efficiency photovoltaic solar cell. CVPPs provide substantial cost savings over large photovoltaic arrays. Because of the extremely high power density at the PV cell, it's important to maximize the conversion efficiency and minimize system heating. Omega has been working with Dr. Mark Keevers at the University of New South Wales to produce custom spectral-splitting filters and ultra-broadband dielectric mirrors to maximize light collection and conversion efficiency in a 2-cell CVP design. The mirrors have over 99.65% average reflection over the full solar spectrum (400-1800 nm) with a 30o acceptance  angle. Dielectric mirrors (DMs) are superior in outdoor applications to metal ones - DMs do not oxidize or react with air, tarnish or otherwise degrade with normal use. Omega's DMs and filters were used in Dr. Keevers' record-breaking spectral-splitting photovoltaic design.


Ultra-wide Broadband Dielectric Mirrors for Solar Collector Applications new!
Proc. SPIE 10105, Oxide-based Materials and Devices VIII, 101051L (2017);


Omega also produces custom air-mass (AM) filter designs for testing photovoltaic cells in a simulated solar environment in the lab. AM filters can be manufactured to different densities (AM0, AM1, AM1.5 are the most common) and are designed to spectrally convert the lamp spectrum into an approximation of the spectral output of the sun. Email us to find out more.