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Spectral Systems Joins the Omega Optical Holdings Family

Omega Optical Holdings is pleased to announce the acquisition of Spectral Systems, Inc. This will greatly expand our capabilities in the infrared spectral range. 

“Spectral is recognized as a leading optical supplier for mission-critical infrared applications such as FTIR spectroscopy and intelligence, surveillance, & reconnaissance (ISR) imaging,” said Dr. Michael J. Cumbo,
President and Chief Executive Officer of Omega. “The Spectral business enhances our coatings-centric expertise and expands the suite of proprietary products, materials and services we offer to our customers. This acquisition is highly consistent with our strategy and vision for Omega, increasing our scale, proprietary capabilities, engineering talent, and, ultimately, our ability to meet the growing global demand for high-precision, no-fail optical coatings, components, and assemblies. We look forward to welcoming the
Spectral team to the Omega family and working together to expand our offerings and accelerate profitable growth,” Dr. Cumbo added.

Read the full press-release here.