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Optical Filters for Aerospace and Defense Applications

Precision optical filters from UV to FIR produced to meet demanding applications in the defense and aerospace markets.


As an innovator in the field of optical filters for over 47 years, Omega has developed broad manufacturing and engineering capabilities to meet the current and emerging needs of the defense and aerospace industries. Omega utilizes a full range of manufacturing technologies, including plasma-assisted reactive magnetron sputtering. Many of our advanced products employ sputtered hard oxide surface coatings for unmatched performance and durability. We work in the UV through FIR wavelength ranges.

Please contact Tina Hoppock for assistance with optical filters for Aerospace and Defense applications.
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NIR filters, perfected for astronomy and aerospace, have found a new application in the growing use of SWIR wavelengths in the field of defense.

Multispectral Sensing and Imaging

Omega has broad design and manufacturing experience that covers wavelengths from the ultraviolet to the far infrared. We are expert at matching multispectral performance requirements with integrated optical solutions.

LIDAR and LASER Systems

We offer broad experience in both laser clean-up filters and wide FOV receiver windows.

Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle (UAV) Applications

Omega is already providing high performance filters for unmanned aerial vehicles in the EU and international markets. As the US regulatory environment takes form we are ready to apply that experience to the needs of domestic UAV manufacturers and users.

Airborne and Orbital Optics

We have supplied NASA, defense and private organizations with optical filters for decades, and our filters are in use on the Hubble telescope.. Applications range from airborne imaging and sensing to satellite optical instruments. We can match our products to the demanding and unique environments encountered in these applications.

Space-Based Optics for Mars and Lunar Missions

Omega has supplied optical filters for Lunar missions and the Mars Rovers, including Panoramic, Navigation, and Hazard Avoidance camera systems.

Technical Data Sheets

Related Papers

  • Ultra-Narrow Bandpass Filters for Infrared Applications with Improved Angle of Incidence Performance
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Key Features

  • Optical thin-film filters from UV to FIR
  • High-volume production capabilities
  • Engineering services and coating process design
  • Prototyping services for research and system design
  • Custom optical fabrication and assembly
  • Automated spectral/spatial mapping and statistical performance data
  • Spectral, physical, and environmental testing services


  • 3rd Gen Imagers
  • Airborne and Orbital Optics
  • CBRNE and Threat Detection
  • LIDAR and Laser Systems
  • Multispectral Sensing and Imaging
  • Navigation
  • NIR through FIR Imaging
  • Positioning and Guidance Systems
  • Remote Sensing
  • Space-Based Optics for Mars and Lunar Missions
  • Target Acquisition
  • Unmanned Vehicle Applications