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Amateur Astronomy Filters

GCE – Galaxy Contrast Enhancement Filter

The Galaxy contrast enhancement filter aids in the visual observation of galaxies and Milky Way dust clouds and dark lanes. View Product

NPB – Narrow Pass Band Nebula Filter

An ultra high contrast type of filter that is very effective for small and fainter emission planetary nebula, as well as a variety of bright nebula, especially through larger scopes. View Product

VHT – Very High Throughput Nebula Filter

An excellent Nebula filter for smaller scopes (4-6 inches aperture) where light gathering and throughput are at a premium. It is also quite effective with larger scopes. View Product

HPOIII – High Performance OIII

The HPOIII makes an excellent complimentary filter to the NPB filter. The HPOIII's high transmission and narrow bandwidth allows maximum enhancement and detail for a large variety of both emission and reflective nebula. View Product

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Excerpted from David Knisely on Cloudy Nights Telescopes Reviews.

The standard for many years for these filters was the Lumicon UHC filter, but now Omega Optical Amateur Astronomy filters have produced a new entry: the NPB ("Narrow Pass Band") Filter. It offers fine performance for a fairly modest price....I did like the view of the Veil just a bit more in the NPB than the UHC, and for M42, the difference was fairly noticeable for another reason: color! ... Overall, of the three narrow-band filters, I liked the NPB the best...The NPB Filter is an excellent narrow-band nebula filter which I recommend that nearly every amateur have in their eyepiece box.

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