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Engineering Services

Omega Optical’s engineering services are founded on years of technical experience, proprietary software, and custom modified optical measurement instruments. Our services, offered free of charge, are intended to complement your optical instrument design and development projects. Involving us in the early stages of the conception of your idea is important in order to maximize the design process, and to minimize the projects overall costs.

Our goal is to play a collaborative role in your projects within the Life Sciences, Industrial, Commercial, Astronomy, Defense and Aerospace markets.


  • Thin-Film proprietary design software
  • Optilayer
  • FilmStar
  • The Essential Macleod
  • Optical Raytrace software
  • Mechanical CAD packages
  • Instrumentation interface tools such as LabView and Python
  • Chemical modeling with Hyperchem

Optical Testing

  • Spectrally Resolved Measurements of Transmission, Reflectance, and Absorption:
    • Multiple Spectrophotometers
    • Spectrophotometric Mapping System for large substrates
    • Attachments for off-axis R&T Measurments including Polarization Effects
  • Optical Density Measurements:
    • Visible Laser Radiometers
    • NIR Laser Radiometers
  • Surface Quality (total wavelength distortion, flatness, wedge, roughness, and pinhole density):
    • Broadband Achromatic Twyman-Green Interferometer
    • Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Tester
    • Autocollimator
    • Integrating Sphere
    • Angle Resolved Scatter Test Set
    • Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) Microscopy
  • Fiber Optic Testing at Visible and Near Infrared Wavelengths
  • Fluorescence and Autofluorescence:
    • Spectrofluorimeters
    • Multispectral Fluorescence Imaging
  • Environmental Testing:
    • Low and High Temperature Testing
    • Humidity Testing
  • Photovoltaic Testing:
    • IV/CV Profiles
    • Kelvin Probe

Optical Fabrication

  • CNC Metal Machining
  • Scribe & Break
  • Laser Scribing, Welding, and Ablation
  • Our glass fabrication shop is equipped with a Speedfam grind and polish machine, along with diamond-tooled machines, including CNC drills, shapers, and saws.