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Order Sorting Filters

A fresh approach to order sorting with block, patterned, absorbing, and linearly variable filters.


In response to the miniaturization of optical systems and sensors, Omega has taken a fresh approach to an old problem – order sorting filters. Combining the latest coating technologies with decades of experience, we are pleased to offer a broad range of custom solutions, matched to your application.

Please contact us to request a quote for your specifications.

round-block-filter-smBlock Filters

Block filters provide a butcher-block array of multiple filters in a single assembly (see photo above). Complex and miniature arrays are possible, and can also be provided in circular mounting and filter wheels.

patterned-filter-smPatterned Filters

Patterned filters provide an array of multiple filters coated in a pattern on a single substrate, allowing optimal miniaturization and integration with image sensors, and eliminating component assembly.

Absorbing Coatings

Absorbing coatings are particularly useful in reducing reflected light and signal interference within an optical system using order sorting. Omega is developing filters using new high index dielectric materials which provide high absorption and dramatically reduced reflections in the visible and NIR regions.

linear-variable-diagram-smLinearly variable filters

Linearly variable filters provide continuous spectral variation in wavelength or bandwidth across one linear direction of the filter. We are currently developing our smallest custom linear variable bandpass filter (<10mm) featuring a narrow bandwidth and steep spectral transition.


Technical Data Sheet


Key Features

  • Custom order-sorting filters designed to meet customer requirements:
    • Block filters
    • Patterned filters
    • Absorbing filters
    • Linearly Variable Filters
  • Custom sizes available


  • Sensing
  • Machine Vision
  • Astronomy