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Specialized Testing

Omega offers an array of specialized tests. We perform:

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Environmental Testing

Survival Testing in One of Our Environmental Chambers

Our chamber is humidity controlled from 20%-100% relative humidity (RH). The temperature can be controlled between minus 70 and plus 200 degrees Celcius. The unit is fully programmable to go through hot/cold and humidity cycles. It is typically used to look for filter degradation during simulated operating as well as storage and transport.

Spectral Performance as a Function of Temperature



The temperature of this chamber can be adjusted from 370 to 77 Kelvin. The curve above demonstrates how the filter edges shift to a higher wavelength at elevated temperatures. The blue curve was taken at 18 degrees Celcius, the red curve at 90 degrees Celcius.

Light Scattering Measurements

If you are working at extremely low light levels, Omega can assist you by testing for light scattering.

We can measure:

  • Total Diffuse Scattering
  • Diffuse Forward Scattering
  • Diffuse Back Scattering

as a function of wavelength using our integrating sphere.


Light Scattering Testing A sample of a filter using the laser-based angle-resolved scattering setup

If you are interested in scattering as a function of angle, we can also provide scattering versus angle measurements at 514.5 nm (s-polarized). We measure at the angle of incidence you specify.

Microscopic Analysis

Microscopic analysis can be used to assess the surface quality of our filters. There are several illumination methods available including reflection, polarized reflection, oblique reflection (similar to darkfield), transmitted and differential interference contrast.

Omega can perform fluorescence imaging of your fixed, stained and mounted samples for the purpose of trying out various Omega filter combinations for your specific application. We have a Zeiss Axioskop with a Xe or Hg source and Spot camera for fluorescence imaging.

Total Transmitted/Reflected Wavefront Distortion Measurement

We offer three different tests:

  • Total Transmitted Wavefront Distortion
  • Total Reflected Wavefront Distortion
  • Transmitted Wavefront Distortion

These tests are important in highly demanding imaging applications, such as astronomy.

Output of the Shack-Hartmann Detector The figure demonstrates output of the Shack-Hartmann detector. The dots are used to calculate the wavefront distortion.


The first two tests are conducted on a Shack-Hartmann instrument. The report includes wavefront data (P-V, RMS, wRMS), radius of curvature, the full set of Zernike coefficients, and a graphical representation of the wavefront. Transmitted Wavefront Distortion is measured by a broadband achromatic Twyman-Green interferometer. The report for this test includes wavefront data (P-V and RMS), selected Zernike coefficients, and an interferogram showing the interference fringes.