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Ultra-Narrowband (Sub-Nanometer) UV-MIR Bandpass Filters

Ultra-narrow, sub-nanometer bandwidth filters for high-performance applications such as LIDAR and astronomy in the UV, Visible, NIR, and MIR wavelengths.


Omega has developed designs and fabrication methods to produce a challenging series of ultra-narrow (sub-nanometer) bandpass filters, including passbands as narrow as 0.3nm in the NIR (at 1555nm) as demonstrated in the graph below. Applications include LIDAR measurements and astronomical observations of specific absorption/ emission lines while blocking background light wavelengths.

Off-axis filter performance must be matched to the overall instrument design, so Omega provides engineering assistance throughout the prototyping and production process. In the design process, multi-cavity designs are used when steeper edge slopes and flat tops are required. These ultra-narrowband filters are produced using Omega's plasma-assisted reactive magnetron sputtering process for excellent uniformity and durability.

Testing methods include spectral performance measurements using tunable lasers or laser angle rocking.

Custom wavelengths are available to meet your specifications. Please contact us for a quotation in standard or custom sizes.

Laser Wavelength Scanning Data SPIE Paper 96120K: Sub-Nanometer Band Pass Coatings for LIDAR and Astronomy Laser Wavelength Scanning Data from SPIE Paper 96120K: Sub-Nanometer Band Pass Coatings for LIDAR and Astronomy

Technical Data Sheet

Related Papers

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Key Features

  • Sub-nanometer bandpass filters for UV, visible, NIR and MIR wavelengths
  • High transmission (>95%) in visible and NIR regions
  • Multi-cavity designs are available for steeper edge slopes and flat transmission peaks
  • Custom wavelengths available
  • Custom sizes available
  • High physical durability


  • Astronomy
  • Laser Cleanup
  • Optical Communications
  • Range-Finding
  • Remote Sensing