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Ultra-Wide Broadband Dielectric Mirrors

Broadband dielectric mirrors provide durable high efficiency over a broad range of wavelengths and angles for high-performance applications such as solar collectors.

Concave Ultra-Wide Broadband MirrorThe Ultra-Wide series is Omega's most advanced and highest-performing broadband dielectric mirror, exhibiting uniformly high reflectivity across a range from UV to NIR.

Dielectric mirrors have many advantages over metallic coatings, including environmental stability, durability, and consistently higher reflectivity across a broader range of wavelengths. Omega's latest ultra-wide broadband mirror extends that range further than ever, while offering the highest performance on the market today.

NIST reflectance measurement (99.0 -100%) at 0.1° AOI NIST reflectance measurement (99.0 -100%) at 0.1° AOI

Two general designs allow a wide range of acceptance angles, but custom designs optimized for maximum performance within a specific range are also possible. These mirrors are produced using Omega's plasma-assisted reactive magnetron sputtering process for excellent uniformity and durability.

Please contact us for a quotation in standard or custom sizes.

Comparison of Aluminum, Silver, and Omega’s ultra-wide broadband dielectric mirrors. Comparison of Aluminum, Silver, and Omega’s ultra-wide broadband dielectric mirrors.

Technical Data Sheet

Application Notes

Key Features

  • High performance with >99.5% average reflectivity
  • Ultra-wide spectral range from 350-1800nm
  • Wide angle of incidence range:
    • 0-30°
    • 30-50°
    • Custom optimization for specific AOI available upon request
  • Custom sizes available
  • Surface flatness 1/4λ standard
  • Coating on custom concave (pictured) and convex substrates available
  • High physical durability
  • Temperature and humidity stability


  • Astronomy
  • Beam steering
  • Low-light applications
  • Solar collectors
  • Any optical system requiring high efficiency across a broad spectral range