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UV Filters

Omega Optical manufactures wide range of UV filter solutions in the optical coating industry.

New - High Transmission Shortpass Filter

Our latest addition to our line of UV optical filters is the high transmission UV shortpass filter. It offers > 80% transmission from 260 - 400 nm with OD5 from 410 - 580 nm. It excels in applications such as water purification, environmental control, UV curing, and any other application where high level of performance is required.

We use the dual magnetron reactive sputtering coating tool to produce these filters. We are now able to provide filters in the UV, as blue as 250 nm, with higher transmissions, steeper edges, and deeper blocking than ever before.

In addition to our NEW capabilities we offer standard UV bandpass filters from 185 nm to the visible. These filters are manufactured as a triple-cavity MDM (metal dielectric metal) coating, providing extremely high out-of-band attenuation, and transmission as high as the materials allow.

To discuss your UV filter needs, please contact us.