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Omega thanks Opportunity for nearly 15 years on Mars!

On July 7, 2003 the Opportunity Rover launched its journey to Mars. It landed nearly 6 months later to begin its survey mission. The Rover was equipped with a number of instruments including the HazCam, SunCam, NavCam and PanCams which were fully equipped with Omega filters. The PanCam was the only camera that had the ability to create an image containing different colors. The camera had two “eyes”, each with an 8-position filter wheel, for a total of 11 unique color filters and two solar-imaging filters. By June 10, 2018, Opportunity had traveled 45.16 kilometers and had returned ~ ¼ million pictures to earth, including this last panorama near the rim of the Endeavor crater. Omega filters continued to perform in the harsh Martian environment until the end.

Omega has a long history with NASA, supplying filters for the Hubble telescope, all 3 Mars Rovers, and various other projects over the years. A recent project was development of narrow-band filters for free-space optical communications. You can read about that project here.

Images courtesy of NASA/ JPL-Caltech