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GCE - Galaxy Contrast Enhancement Filter (565RB) 1.25" Astronomy Filter

GCE - Galaxy Contrast Enhancement Filter (565RB) 1.25" Astronomy Filter

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The Galaxy contrast enhancement filter aids in the visual observation of galaxies and Milky Way dust clouds and dark lanes. 1.25 inch diameter.



Galaxy Contrast Enhancement (GCE) Filter - 565RB

Spectral Curves

The spectral curve and ascii data is a typical representation of this filter's performance, but may vary due to production and design variations. Omega only guarantees this part to meet the product specifications listed.

Detailed Specifications

Additional Information

Filter Type Notch (Rejection Band)
Inventory Type Stock
Coating Type Surface Coating
Shape Round
Diameter (mm) Per 28.5MM Camera Ring
Diameter Tolerance (mm) Nominal
Thickness (mm) Per 28.5MM Camera Ring
Thickness Tolerance (mm) Nominal
Clear Aperture Diameter (mm) Per 28.5MM Camera Ring
Clear Aperture Diameter Tolerance (mm) Nominal
Flatness ns
Parallelism ≤ 1 arc minute
Mounting Type Ring Mounted
Mounting (Outer Ø - Thickness - Clear Aperture in mm) M03-FC 28.5MM
Transmission ≥ 90% avg 425-520nm ≥ 90% avg 620-750nm
Blocking ≥ OD1 540-590nm
Transmitted Wavefront Distortion ≤3 waves
Angle of Incidence 0
Half-Cone AOI 0
Minimum Surface Quality Assembly per MIL-C-48497A (F scratch/ F Dig)