Working and Growing with Omega Optical

Who are We?

Founded in 1969 by Bob Johnson, Omega Optical has grown to be an international optics company. While we have continued to evolve for the past fifty years, Omega Optical has always honored the small-town values it was established with; customer-focused, community-driven, and dedicated to collaboration. From Research and Development to Sales, we pride ourselves on creating a workspace that fosters creativity and connection across all departments. We here at Omega Optical know that the greatest accomplishments are achieved in a team, which is why we are so eager to welcome you to ours! Read below to learn more about working for Omega Optical and current job openings.

What Markets do we Operate in?

  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Photo Lithography
  • Industrial
  • Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Astronomy
  • Color Imaging
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Life Science
  • Machine Vision


Why Work for Omega?

A Longstanding History of Optics Excellence

For over five decades, Omega Optical has continued to explore, understand and ultimately deliver refine solutions. We pride ourselves on our long-term dedication to innovation and ingenuity, which we promote on our levels of our company. Our team of scientists, engineers, and industry experts bring the experience, knowledge and ability to get the job done. Our workplace environment, centered around collaboration, encouragement, and creativity, supports to team to do this.

Omega Optical has grown exponentially since being founded, but as a company dedicated to the future of optics, we are always looking to further develop our company and the technology we produce. We are always looking to add modern innovators and problem solvers to our team, those who are dedicated to creating solutions for the 21st century.

At Omega Optical, your contributions matter. At Omega Optical, we work towards a brighter future… together.

A Multitude of Employee Benefits:

  • Medical, Dental and Vision Benefits
  • Life, Disability, Accident and Critical Illness Plans
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan
  • Generous Paid Time Off
  • Paid Holidays
  • Child Care Subsidy
  • Educational Assistance


An Engaging and Opportunistic Environment

Our delta campus sits in the heart of Brattleboro, Vermont – only five minutes away from downtown! Nestled into the lush Vermont vegetation, Omega provides its employees with the perfect balance of rural life and bustling city experiences. Vermont is a great vacation destination, but even more so, the perfect place to settle down. 

Vermont is a great state to live, work, AND play in! Interested in the outdoors? The many hikes, bike trails, and bodies of water in Brattleboro are open year-round and perfect for the solo adventurer or fun-seeking family. Consider yourself a patron of the arts? The city is full of many theaters, galleries, and creative spaces – such as the New England Youth Theater, Brattleboro History Museum, and Brattleboro Museum & Art Center. We are proud to operate in such a diverse, engaging, and community-centered area of Vermont.


Please contact us at or check below to learn more about current openings. We look forward to working with you!

Omega Optical, LLC is an equal opportunity employer.



Current Openings:

Manufacturing Support II

Responsible for assisting the Production Planner in improving the flow of manufacturing between work centers on the manufacturing floor. Works closely with the Production Planner to source raw materials, expedite past due orders, and communicate with managers of work centers and Sales and Business Development Staff. Has the paramount responsibility of meeting delivery dates in fulfilling customer orders. Click here to read the full job description and apply!

Manufacturing Technician 1 - NIGHTS/WEEKENDS

Perform all tasks involved in the production of company products. Produce work pieces to specifications under supervision. Able to perform basic vacuum deposition process, including use of Helios coating chambers. Inspects substrates and coating plates/covers for cleanliness, scratches and digs before applying coating. Follows written Standard Operating Procedures to remove tooling from coating chamber. Click here to read the full job description and apply!

Director of Production

Directs and coordinates activities of all production departments. Executes the production process in the most cost effective, timely manner. Communicates clear expectations to production departments. Provides accurate information and superior customer service to company departments and officers. Understands thin-film deposition and fabrication, photonics, science, optics. Reports to the CEO. Click here to read the full job description and apply!

Shipping Clerk

Demonstrates mastery of shipping domestic and international customer orders by small package delivery services and by common carriers. Utilizes the software and/or websites provided by Omega’s shipping carriers. Utilizes internal systems to print labels and shipping documentation and to record shipments for invoicing. Complete cross training and offers assistance in Purchasing and Inventory tasks.Click here to read the full job description and apply!