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Curious about what working at Omega Optical is really like? Follow us on a behind-the-scenes tour of a typical day at the Omega office. From homemade mac and cheese to exciting company meetings, there are more than a few reasons why we're happy to call ourselves Omegians.
Ashley Rollend

optical filter manufacturing
Why are Interference Filters so Expensive?
Omega’s Dedication to Quality and Competitive Pricing
Application Spotlights
Interference Filters
Ever wondered why interference filters are priced so high? This blog post will walk you through the three main cost drivers - surface quality and dimension, aspect ratio and coating specification, and tight tolerance - and leave you with a better understanding of the cost breakdown for these products.
M. Ziter, B. Johnson, S. Locknar

Abby Clarke
Omega Spotlights Abby Clarke
Our HVP Production Coordinator
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We are so excited to have interviewed Abby Clarke for our first employee spotlight. Abby is the HVP Production Coordinator here at Omega Optical and works on many innovative projects on our campus. Her interview takes a deeper look into what working at Omega is really like, mentions a runaway goose, and gives worthwhile advice to those looking to go into similar fields.
Abby Clarke, Ashley Rollend

Filter Set / Cube
How Microscopy Filters Work
An In-Depth Look into Fluorescence Microscopy Filters
Application Spotlights
Filter Set
This blog post takes a deeper looker into what fluorescence microscopy filters are and how they work. Our explanation of these filters' components and principles will help you ensure you're buying the right part for your project and give you the background knowledge to succeed in optics.
Ben Stibbs

three colored, optic filters
Build-A-Filter is More Effective Than Ever
Exciting Changes to our Customization Process
Application Spotlights
We are excited to announce that some major changes have been made to our Build-a-Filter form. This new form was created with the customer in mind - to make customizations faster, easier, and overall more effective. What can you expect from this new form? A new format, new ways to specify desired wavelengths, a review option, and more! Check out this post to learn more about these changes and to get a step-by-step walkthrough of how to best utilize this form.
Erin Hargraves, Calvin Gooley

omega optical worldwide headquarters;  delta campus
Welcome to Behind the Science
Omega Optical's New Blog
Application Spotlights
content types
Our introduction post for the blog outlines content types, posting schedules, and more. Here you can learn more about the team who makes 'Behind the Science' possible and get an exciting sneak peek into what's to come this year with the blog.
Ashley Rollend