Omega has a long history of innovation in thin-film coating and interference filters...

2021 Omega Optical Holdings acquires Spectral Systems
2020 Artemis Capital Partners acquires controlling share
2018 ISO9001:2015 certification
2017 Linear Variable Filters developed with gradients up to 100 nm/mm

ISO9001:2008 certification

US Patent #9,155,474- System for Multispectral Imaging of Fluorescence- describes the process of coating fiber tips which are serially arranged to realize a fast, 10-wavelength bin spectrometer

Acquisition of Rugate Technologies, a company with expertise in graded index (Rugate) filter designs in infrared wavelengths


Development of 5-color white-light 3D technology

Dome coater and another PARMS system added to triple capacity

2009 DOE award for PVT
2008 NIH-NCI SBIR fast-track for multispectral microscopic confocal imaging endoscopy

First Plasma-Assisted Reactive-Magnetron Sputtering (PARMS) system

Relocated to Delta Campus

2005 US Patent # 6,918,673 – Air-spaced filter assembly
2004 Mars Spirit and Opportunity rovers
2000 First web-based spectral viewer introduced (curv-o-matic)
1997 US Patent # 5,646,781 - SpectraPlus triple-bandpass coating for enhanced color vision
1992 US Patent # 5,173,808 - Multiband filters for simultaneous visualization of up to 4 fluorophores
1991 Omega’s website debuted
1990 Production of filter set for Hubble wide-field planetary camera repair mission
1987 First stock filter sets offered
1986 Human Genome project began – Omega filters were integral to this project
1985 Custom fluorescence microscopy sets introduced
1984 12-wavelength monolithic filter for Halley’s Comet flyby
1980 Fluorescence filters for flow cytometry introduced
1978 First high S/N (10^6) filters produced for fluorescence
1973 Reached $1 million in sales
1972 Developed sub-nm Narrow Band filters
1969 Founded by Bob Johnson in West Brattleboro, VT