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Omega Optical covers the widest range of capabilities and product lines in the thin-film industry. This allows us the opportunity to sell our products in many markets for numerous applications. Our interference filters have been used in the Hubble Space Telescope to assist in capturing images of our galaxy, and in movie theater projectors throughout the world for image enhancement.

Optical filters are also important components in hematology analyzers and other laboratory instruments found in hospitals and doctors offices. Airport security systems function with the assistance of filters as well. Even back yard astronomers benefit from our filters by enhancing and clarifying images viewed.

Our products can be applied to instruments in a variety of applications, including fluorescence instrumentation, fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, amateur or professional astronomy, aerospace, phototherapy, Raman spectroscopy, color imaging, photolithography, analytical chemistry, water analysis, automotive, machine vision, materials analysis, thermal imaging, navigation, mapping and more.

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