At Omega we are experiencing rapid growth in our OEM business. To continue to serve all of our customers with the right level of care and detail, we are increasing our minimum order level to $500 starting July 1, 2021.

XC117 Olympus BX3 filter cube


XC114 Olympus cube for CK40


XC144- Olympus filter cube for IX83


XC120 Leica Ploemopak Filter Cube


XC121 Leica DM filter cube


XC122 Leica DMIRB filter cube


XC123 Leica DM4000 Filter Cube


XC124 Leica MZ FL III Stereo Filter Cube


XC131 Zeiss Axio Exciter Slider


XC100 Nikon Original


XC132 Zeiss Axioskop 2 Cube


XC101 Nikon Modified Cube


XC133 Zeiss Axiovert 3FL Slider


XC102 Nikon Quadfluor Eclipse Cube


XC134 Zeiss Axioskop 4 FL slider


XC106 Nikon Cube for i-series Eclipse microscopes


XC135 Zeiss Axioskop 6 FL slider


XC110 - Olympus filter cube


XC136 Zeiss Axio2 Plus Push & Click


XC111 - Olympus BH2, BHS filter cube


XC139 Zeiss Standard 2 FL Slider


XC113 Olympus BX2 Filter Cube