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Brattleboro, Vermont - Omega Optical's newly-launched RapidBand stock program provides fast delivery for hundreds of bandpass filter combinations in a standard 25mm diameter ring that is only 3.5mm thick.

RapidBand filters are constructed by combining longpass and shortpass edges produced at 10nm increments from 400nm to 700nm. These are assembled in a proprietary air-spaced ring designed to meet the size and quality requirements for many optical systems, and are ideal for applications from fluorescence microscopy to rapid prototyping. Longpass and shortpass edge filters can also be ordered as RapidEdge filters, and are mounted in the same 25mm ring.

RapidBand filters are manufactured with durable plasma-assisted reactive magnetron sputtered coatings, and will have 90% typical transmission, OD5 average (OD4 minimum) blocking from UV-1100nm for silicon detectors, a minimum 20.9 mm clear aperture, and ¼ λ TWD @ 633nm. Theoretical spectral curves of the finished bandpass filters are available, calculated from measured edge filter spectra.

Choose from over 400 possible RapidBand combinations and more than 55 longpass and shortpass RapidEdge filters, all shipped within three business days.

Pricing is US $175.00 per filter for RapidBand, and US $100.00 per filter for RapidEdge. For full specifications and spectral data, see:
RapidBand Filters
RapidEdge Filters

An exploded view of Omega Optical’s proprietary RapidBand filter assembly. Photo Courtesy Omega Optical, Inc. An exploded view of Omega Optical’s proprietary RapidBand filter assembly. Photo Courtesy Omega Optical, Inc.


Founded in 1969 by Robert Johnson D. Sc., Omega Optical manufactures custom thin-film interference filters and coatings from UV to Far Infrared, including coatings on fiber tips. Omega’s filters are used worldwide for biomedical, defense, aerospace, astronomy, industrial and commercial applications. "Green" manufacturing facilities in Brattleboro, Vermont bring together craftsmanship, innovation, and state-of-the-art technology to produce the most diverse offering of optical coatings in the industry. Omega offers engineering and prototyping services to assist with research and instrument design. Coating technologies include plasma-assisted reactive magnetron sputtering and e-beam ion assist for high volume production. For more information, please visit

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