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Intellectual Property

As a pioneer in filter technology for more than 30 years, Omega Optical has developed intellectual property related to filter design and manufacturing technologies, resulting in significant advancements in filter performance. Our proprietary ALPHA Technology produces steep slopes and precise cut-on and cut-off. Our patented 3RD Millennium Filters utilize an air-spaced, hermetically sealed assembly.

3RD Millennium Technology—Patent #6,918,673

Omega's most recent filter advancement is a patented hermetic assembly which improves filter life and environmental stability. The elimination of optical epoxies in this air-spaced filter results in reduced auto-fluorescence, improved parallelism and flatness, and improved heat tolerance. 3RD Millennium filters are available as: high-performance commodity filter to replace lower performing catalog filters for research and lab applications; as stock fluorescence microscopy filters; and for custom OEM instrumentation.

ALPHA Technology—Proprietary

Omega Optical's proprietary ALPHA Technology produces the steepest slopes in the filter industry, 10-50 times steeper than industry standard filters. Invented in 1999 and recognized throughout the industry these extremely steep slopes result in precise edge location, the ability to place transmission and rejection regions exceptionally close together, and high attenuation between the passband and the rejection band. ALPHA Technology pushes the limits of fluorescence and Raman signal detection, producing extremely high signal-to-noise and brighter images for demanding imaging applications.

SpectraPLUS Technology—Patent #5,646,781

Omega Optical's 1997 patent for a triple-bandpass coating is significant for its image enhancement capability. This coating transmits bands of pure color while eliminating the regions of “color confusion” during both image capture and image display. The technology has use in applications as diverse as HDTV cameras, sports optics, and medical lighting. Currently the coating is being used in high-end digital image capture and projection in the feature film/television industry.

Multi-Band Technology—Patent #5,173,808

Omega holds the 1992 patent on all filters with multiple passband and rejection bands, including dual-band, triple-band, and quad-band filters. These filter types have broad application in a variety of life science applications for visualizing multiple fluorophores simultaneously.