Raman Spectroscopy
Conference proceedings
.J.B. Barton, S.K. Chanda, S.A. Locknar and G.E. Carver “Interference filters deposited on optical fiber tips”, Proc. SPIE 11889, Optifab 2021, 1188901 (28 October 2021); https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2601854

This article reviews optical fibers and fiber tips, coating fiber tips, testing the coated tips, as well as the performance and applications of the coated tips

Coated Fiber Tips
Technical and application notes
Omega offers several options for laser-line filtering and laser-wavelength blocking for Raman spectroscopy applications. Our hard coatings care prepared using plasma-assisted reactive magnetron sputtering for exceptional durability, low scatter, high blocking and high transmission at the desired wavelength.