• Patents
    US Patent # 5,646,781
    Granted July 8, 1997
    Inventor: Robert L. Johnson, Jr.

    This patent for a triple-bandpass coating is significant for its image enhancement capability. This coating transmits bands of pure color while eliminating the regions of “color confusion” while viewing by eye. Major markets include backyard astronomy, binoculars, gun sights, etc. Omega's tradename for this design is Spectraplus.

  • Conference proceedings
    Proc. SPIE 2046, Inhomogeneous and Quasi-Inhomogeneous Optical Coatings, 147 (November 2, 1993); http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/12.163552
    Filter Design
  • Patents
    US Patent # 5,173,808
    Granted April 10, 1989
    Inventors: Willem F. Auer, John A. Brown, William A. Thornton

    A triple-band filter that aim to provide laser protection while maintaining color balance in the visual field.

  • —New!
    Robert L. Johnson and Sarah Locknar; reprinted from the 2019 issue of Photonics Handbook, Laurin Publishing
    Filter Design