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Exciting 2021 Resolutions, Changes, and Advancements
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Happy New Year! We can't believe 2021 is already here! Interested in what exciting changes and advancements are coming to Omega this year? Want to know more about where Behind the Science is going and how our guides can help you purchase filters more confidently than ever before? Then this is the blog for you! Read on to learn more.
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Iain distributer sales account manager
Our Distributor Sales Account Manager
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Let's get to know Iain Tweedy! Iain has worked at Omega Optical for the past fourteen years and currently serves as our Distributor Sales Account Manager. His work with our distributor network is absolutely vital and his cheery personality has always been a great benefit to our team. Read on to learn more about Iain and his role at Omega Optical!
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How to Decide if OEM Parts, Stock Parts, or Rapid Solutions Best Fit Your Needs
Omega Updates
Omega Optical has always provided an effective purchasing experience, largely thanks to our well-organized inventory system. This system - divided into OEM parts, stock parts, and Rapid Solutions - makes sure our customers know the why, when, and how when it comes to buying filters. This blog post will walk you through how this system works and make sure you feel as confident as possible when shopping with us. Our job is to make sure you have the most-effective, high-quality filter as fast as possible - and our inventory system is what makes this happen.
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