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Jennifer LoCascio
Human Resources Manager
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Jen has been leading the Human Resources department for many years, during several periods of expansion and our new acquisition of Spectral Systems. She is always ready to jump in to lend a helping hand or to give friendly advice. From recruiting to onboarding, Jen keeps Omega moving forward!
Sarah Locknar
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diagram of an interferometer
Measuring wavefronts with interferometry
Application Spotlights
You've learned what wavefront distortion is and how to specify it, but how's it measured anyway? In this 3rd Making Waves blog post, we introduce the first of two methods for measuring wavefront error - interferometry.
Sarah Locknar
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Filters and reflection
What Omega Optical Holdings stands for
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Omega Optical Holdings is a growing company, currently made up of two divisions- Spectral Systems, infrared products division and Omega Optical, filter division. What unites us as we move forward is our set of common values- quality, collaboration, continuous improvement, integrity and employee growth.
Sarah Locknar